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Tame The Web (also known as TTW) has a lot going for it as a relevant, insightful and top trend chasing library technology blog. Hosted by Dr. Michael Stephens, Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at Dominican University, he offers information on technology topics that range from creating relevant libraries, technology and control, to using smartphones to scan library cards as well as having guest posts from academics and industry professionals with an interest in technology management.  Although there is not a terribly large amount of content that comes directly from him however, this should not be taken as a criticsm as his ‘collection’ of blog post offerings are valuable. Posts worth checking out are…

The Hyperlinked Library

Thank you Harper Collins

Interestingly, Dr Stephens has also completed research into The impact and effect of learning 2.0 programs in Australian academic libraries. Check it out. *Note the image of Ayers Rock to ‘symbolise’ Australia.

For me this is a great example of a blog that presents easy access to posts, comments and links from the columns either side of the page as well as being updated frequently to maintain relevance and create new waves of thought. Excellent platform for collating and presenting lots of interesting material from many different, credible sources. Will be visiting again soon!

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  1. Michael Stephens

    My time for blogging has shrunk over the last few years! I wish I had more time. :-) Thanks for looking at my blog and good luck on the rest of your degree!

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